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Friday, August 7, 2009

The Arrivals,

The series of The Arrivals that contains of 50 parts that took on 1st June 08 until its completion on 7th November 08. Mainly on the Anti-Christ Dajjal, Imam Mahdi and The Second Coming of The Christ.This films successfully completed and published by the collaboration of the Hashemsfilms, Noreagaaa and Achernahr. There also great videos and pictures that some of us might not get from elsewhere.Hope all watchers get info and benefits by their works..Thanx!

Here's are their links on Youtube. I also post some episodes
that i liked..

Part 1: Intro

Part 1: Proof from the Holy Quran)

Part 2: Mind Control feat. George Carlin
Currently the video was removed by Youtube.So i post it from sniper112358..:(
Part 3: Children's Mind Control

Part 4: Proof of the Antichrist's arrival
Im sorry,there is no sound for video from Noreagaaa. Youtube has disabled it.i dont know why.maybe u can help me figure it i get it from theprojectwakeup instead.
Part 5: Architecture Energy
Part 6: The Battle for Human Energy
Part 7: Pharaohs of Today
Part 8: Shocking Evidence of the Pharaohs
Part 9: Hashemsfilms
Part 10: The New Worldly Order
Part 11: Musical Sorcery

Part 12: Light up the darkness
Part 13: Lady in Red
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Part 14: Hollywood

Part 15: Hollywood and The Promised Land
Part 16: The Media Islam
Part 17: War on Terror
Part 18: The Hypocrisy of Democracy
Part 19: The UFO Phenomena
Part 20: The UFO Phenomena
Part 21: What Is Yet To Come
Part 22: Our Satanic Pop Culture
Again i cant get it. why so much things to block. so i take i from Fawicted..
Part 23: Materialism and The Battle Within
Part 24: Freedom Unplugged
Part 25: The Antichrist Dajjal is Here
Part 26: The Antichrist Dajjal is Here
Part 27: Why Satanism is Practiced by Our Leaders
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Part 28: Why Satanism is Practiced by Our Leaders
Part 29: The Truth About The Gods
Part 30: The Checkered Floor and The Gods
Part 31: The Great Deception
Part 32: The Most Valuable Truth
Part 33: The Choice is Yours
Part 34: The Infiltration of Religion
Part 35: The Temple of Solomon
Part 36: The Story of Jesus
Part 37: The Sun God
Part 38: The Story of Islam
Part 39: The Prophet's Lineage

Part 40: The Common Ground
Part 41: The Bloodlines
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Part 42: The Gatekeepers
Part 43: The Symbolism of 9-11
Part 44: The Significance of The Kaaba
Part 45: The Kaaba and the 9-11 Ritual
Part 46: The Complete Human
Part 47: The Free Human
Part 48: The Arrival of the Mahdi
Part 49: The Arrival of the Dajjal
Part 50: The Arrival of Jesus The Messiah
Part 51: Outro

Thanks so much to Noregeaa and Achernahr for this marvelous project.and also to sniper112358, Fawicted, 070BlackPete for repost the movie..

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My Security Technical Writing: Virus Vs Worm

1.0 Introduction
Back to past few decades where we use obsolete computer system with disk drives, and also no networks. Computer users happily make their jobs without worrying about the computer. Just sit at front of the working place and begin finishing tasks. Then copy the finished work to store and done. Until today, where many technologies invented and peoples discovered new things, the computer is where many sorts of things either we realize or still unknown can happen. There are few things that we do not want things bad happen to our computer. Sometime in the early 1970s, a virus named as Creeper publicly detected in the Internet. It managed to create copies into many other computers that attached to the networks. Nowadays, many other types of computer threats exist such as worms, malware, denial-of-service attack, etc. According to Eugene Aseev (2009), 45% of the threats are viruses, other 45% are trojans and worms, and the rest 10% are other malicious wares. The previous figures show that the threats are increasing.

1.1 Objective of the Article
The purpose of this report is to give a clear view on the two computer threat mostly known which are virus and worms. In this report, we will discuss on what these threat are, how these threat works, and how to stop these types of threat.

2.0 Article Review

2.1.0 Computer virus

2.1.1 The introduction to virus

The viruses are a software programs that specially designed to do harms to the computer hardware or data files by interfering the computer operation. It is small enough where it can be stored in the floppy disk. The originality of the word “virus” actually refers to the program which the process is similar to the biological virus. The traits are common where the computer virus passes from a computer to another computer, same as biological virus which passes from a person to another person. Viruses are not same as other threats because the virus need a program to make it works, as a virus needs a cell as a something for it to continue its process. The term “virus” was first used in academic publication by Fred Cohen (1984); in his paper Experiments with Computer Viruses.

2.1.2 Virus activities
Early creation of viruses is a piece of program coded that attached to a word processors or a computer games. The coded of the virus are designed to make it spreads itself. It has many methods to spread, either by networks, floppy disk, removable disk, etc. The attack done by virus varies by it types. Some of it may do file deletion, file replacement, and the worst is stopping the computer. These particular viruses are written so it can occur when reach its goal. As a virus it search for the file or program, when it get to the specified file or program then it attached itself and create a harmful process, which is written to its code for what it should do. As an example, the Melissa virus that took advantage on the Microsoft Word program is one of the complete programmed viruses. It attached itself to the Microsoft Word and uses the VB language to modify it to send the virus through the e-mails from the users mailing contacts.

2.2.3 Stopping the virus
Many of the company today provide a software called “Anti-virus”. This software works to stop to virus from harm infecting the computer. Analogically the anti-virus works as an antibody for the computer. It searches the computer for the virus and tried to delete it from the system, and for the sake of the user is protect the computer from being infected by the virus. In 1970s, a science fiction novel wrote by David Gerrold, When H.A.R.L.I.E. was One, describes a fictional computer program called Virus that exactly work as a virus and am Antibody to counter the virus similar to the anti-virus nowadays.

2.2.0 Computer worms

2.2.1 The introduction of worms

Worms are a reproducing program that runs independently and travel across network connections. These worms are different from the viruses by which they reproduce itself and spread. As a virus depend on a program to process and spread, worm are completely independent and can spread itself through the network connections. The term ‘Worm’ originally describe a computer bug which firstly used in the novel written by John Brunner’s novel The Shockwave Rider in 1975. The novel describes a program known as ‘tapeworm’ which spread through a network for deleting data. After that, researchers start writing a paper on similarity of a program and the program that were written in the novel. And then the researcher adopts the name to use it officially.

2.2.2 The worm’s work

As discussed in the previous, worm works different with the virus. The virus attached itself to a program, thus being one of the programs. Unlike worm, it does not need to be a part of a program and able to replicate itself. The worm usually designed to exploit the network transmission. Worm usually infects a computer, it replicate itself as much possible and transfer through the network. This process will then slow down the computer, or may even the whole network connection. It also may be programmed to delete files and create a backdoor to the infected computer. According to the Kaspersky Labs (2002), the Morris worm which effected great number of computer with Sun-3 and VAX system at a time. Morris worm then create itself to many copies until these systems is unusable.

2.2.3 Protecting computers from the computer worms

Same as the virus, worms also can be stopped by using anti-virus software. Yet the effect done by the worms may leave the backdoor to the computer that might have potential for other virus or worms infect the system again. The worm sometimes need special removal tool to get rid from the system since they can have many type and not as easy to detect compared to virus.

3.0 Conclusion

Virus, worms, trojan, and many others malicious file are considered harmful to the computer since these files reads our confidential data, and can change the data without authorized permission. Unluckily enough the files can also stop and paralyze the system. Using the correct tool, and anti-virus programs can help prevent our system from getting the harmful threat, and accessing the data that already known for its safety is highly encouraged to preserve the system from such threats.

1) Eugene Aseev. (2008). Monthly Malware Statistics: December 2008. Kasperksy Labs.
2) Deirdre Day-MacLeod, (2008). Viruses and Spam. The Rosen Publishing Group, 2008.

Exploiting Privacy Information

Privacy defined as “the quality of being secluded from the presence or view of others,” taken from the Princeton Dictionary. From my understanding, the definition above tells that in the state when someone or something is out of views of anyone other than the owner himself.

My main concerned on privacy is how private information being manipulated in the Internet. I would like to share some thought on the issue where the e-mails that send or received through the mailing provider, whether they are still in the term of privacy or not. Some provider might give notice to the user if they are about to access the mail or not, also there are other don’t. Some of the agencies can still get an access, like FBI or CIA. Although it does not happen directly to us, there are still happens to few people. As for an example, CIA can get access and read the information such as email or phone calls. Because of the threat, the local public fights for their privacy, but who they (the owner of information) want to blame. If to blame the provider, they get paid for suing but those agencies still can continue their operation. But how can we blame the agency?

While in Malaysia, some cases that can override policy is the local authority. In such case where they need to trace the source of criminal using the histories through the mobile phone service. They read the call logs, and even read the SMS message. It is practiced during the missing girl few year ago. Some of us might not find it as threat. But what if the criminal somehow link to our mobile account like they are using fake number or the criminal by mistake called ours because of wrong number, or using anonymity by take our identity temporary. These authorities by right will read our personal messages. Where can we put our privacy in this case? According to the Privacy International, Malaysia was in the bottom rank in best privacy practicing.

By now, I still got at least have some worries on any information given through the public services such as calls, SMS and e-mails. This is the privacy not applied to everyone; still there is someone who can access. My next action is to make sure that I can minimize as much as possible to give out my personal information. Using anonymity does not violate the law, just as precaution before it happens to me. I think by doing this, the term privacy is not just for blaming others but it also need self control.


The human right of how they expressing their thought have become an issue since past centuries ago. When everyone wants to share what they know and opinion, they seek an opportunity to tell other people. When the medium he or she use for sending the message either appropriate or not, others may question it. According to the statement taken from, the right to freedom of speech is recognized as a human right taken From Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Where the right stated that the right to freedom of speech as the “right to hold opinions without interference, everyone shall have the right to freedom of expression”.

For example as in the past history, when the prophet Muhammad S.A.W. tried to delivered his message regarding the truth of Islamic religion. Many people felt threatened by his actions, since it can change their thought and belief that they hold from their ancestor. But in some cases, his relatives and people who are close to him can accept the message that the prophet Muhammad S.A.W and followed. This explains a lot because the message is appropriate to human natural right. But when many other peoples took it as negative, then the action was considered wrong.

In my situation that makes me more confuse is when some times in the past, I was using the Internet and the idea comes up. “How the people in Palestine makes their rocket launcher?” and I started to surf all material regarding on structure of the bomb in On one side I thought that I was right because I want to learn and add to my knowledge. On the other side tells that “Am I doing the right thing because it can violate the law some other country?” That means I had done something wrong, according to them.

If I were to put a line in the middle to distinguish which is right to follow the Freedom of Speech, I will at least violate a law or policy of a country. Actually what I want to do is just to gain knowledge about rocket launcher. It was not meant to practice making it. As such, the consequence maybe good or bad depends on the different views about it. Let me put a closer situation to the technology. Why when some of the citizens of Malaysia try to advice (tell) others using the blog in the internet about the Islamic law practiced in Malaysia are in a serious level, because the law are threaten by the political government (some of them) who have self interest but need to violate law. The citizen can be put down under ISA, because abusing the Freedom of Speech.

We have situation where the government tells the public to listen and tells the bad part of other side using the mainstream media (Television, Radio, etc). The situation is legal according to the civil law. This affects the governing system of Malaysia either directly or indirectly.

In my opinion actually there is no absolute freedom of speech. We have to set a fair and justify law where it refers to a legitimate source as example Quran, not because of religiously bias but it is proven of correctness and publicly accepted. The public just have to obey including me. It is hard and will takes a long time, but still can solve the problem even by partially.